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Tinder 10X

Tinder 10X will show you how to build A PROVEN Tinder profile that will get you more matches

Think Success On Tinder is All About Your Looks?
Think Again.

 You might think your success on Tinder is about your “looks”. Uhm… no. It’s about your presentation. And presentation comes down to your photos and bio - not your genetics.

After all, both of these photos are “me” - a short (5’6"), balding, and overweight guy living at his family’s home. Yet my Tinder 10X’d photo on the right is in the top 20% of all guys on Tinder & Photo feeler!

10X the Results with 0X the Effort  

Here’s the crazy part… small subtle changes in an image can make all the difference. Tinder 10X will show you how to work smarter, not harder.

For example, my friend Nick sent me a photo of himself that sucked on Tinder! On Photofeeler, it had an abysmal 3.8 score.

But after implementing the same lessons and concepts from Tinder 10X, he edited the photo using a FREE app… and his Tinder matches skyrocketed!

Tinder 10X is the culmination of years of testing and tinkering on Tinder - all of which you’ll “unlock” and understand in just a day.

What's the 10X Effect?

More Matches

You will get double (or more) matches with Tinder 10X than you're getting now.

Better Quality

Selective women want the best match. We’ll help you get her attention and become her “top pick”.

Deep Connections

A perfect profile does more than getting a match. It sets you up for seamless convos and dates.

Same Day Results

You can begin implementing what you learn in Tinder 10X & start getting results right away.

Tinder 10X SUCKS if You Love Excuses...

Now there’s nothing to blame if you’re not meeting attractive women on Tinder.

Tinder 10X is everything you need to get more matches, today.

I Never Got Matches on Tinder...

Hell, I never got matches anywhere.

Most Tinder experts have a few things in common:

  • They are tall.
  • They are good-looking.
  • And they had success with dating outside of Tinder. 

Good for them, but none of that applied to me.

Women ignored me my entire life. At the time the reason was pretty clear: I was short and fat.

My childhood, teenage, college years were bitter.

My anxiety and bottled-up anger meant I had few friends.

As time went on I only grew more bitter and unhappy.

I missed out on all the great things that come with childhood.

Looking back, I can't find any photos of me smiling...

A Shimmer of Possibility

When I was 20 I met a girl on an online video game.

Because she couldn’t see me I was able to open up to her.

And soon we were in a relationship: everything changed…

The first time we met face to face was when she flew out to come to prom with me.

But as you can guess, things didn’t work out so well.

She left me, and that left me worse off than I had been before.

…Much worse.

Because now I had all the baggage of my looks, childhood -- and now her.

I knew I’d never find another woman who was interested in me.

Who understood me, or gave me their attention.

There was proof of it every time I stepped out of my apartment.

Everything Fell Apart

After that, everything fell apart.

My school work suffered and I entered a deep depression.     What happened with Kelsey was only a catalyst.

This depression lasted throughout the rest of college, and even beyond.

I could smile in my photos now, but I felt empty inside.

  • After quitting my job because I felt too broken to work.
  • After taking on tens of thousands of dollars of student debt.
  • After nearly dropping out of college and “phoning it in”...
  • And after starting (and utterly failing) my first business out of school.

I was lost and there was no end in sight.

This was the worst period of my life and the really sickening part?

This “period” lasted almost 20 years.

My First Online “Date” - AKA, a 350LBS Catfish

Near the end of my role, I finally turned to online dating.

And it went as well as everything else: terribly.

But finally, on OkCupid, I ended up getting a match with a cute blonde!

We talked for a week before I finally took the chance to invite her to my place -- and she said yes.

At the time I felt overwhelmed -- relieved. 

  • Maybe I wasn’t such a loser?
  • Maybe women could be attracted to me.
  • Maybe it wasn’t just luck with Kelsey.

When the night came there was a knock at the door.

I almost skipped to open it, but when I did it was my heart that skipped a beat.

Standing there was a 350LBS catfish.

I suddenly understood why her user name was “Cake4Breakfast” (not joking.)

Looking back, I can laugh at what happened.

But back then, it was dead serious.

Deep inside my heart, I knew and finally accepted the only women that would be interested in me were frauds.

  • I was crushed.
  • I deleted all my online dating accounts.
  • I gave up and mentally checked out.

Until one day I decided to just… leave.

So I did.

Moving Forward

Eventually, I moved out of the country (to China of all places!)

I wanted to get as far away from everything I knew as possible.

And I saw a video online of a guy in a fat suit talking to women and getting their phone number.

That broke my brain.

If he could meet, attract, and talk to women -- maybe I could too!

That YouTube channel was called Simple Pickup and had over 2.7 Million Subscribers.

I followed their methods and learned from them until they offered me a job!

They were like me: Below average looking guys.

  • Jesse, a short balding Indian guy
  • And Kong, a nerdy Asian guy

I realized through them that:  

  • No matter what you look like.
  • No matter what you're from.
  • No matter your ethnicity.
  • No matter your height.
  • …You can learn to be, and present yourself in such a way that you become attractive to high-quality women...

This was a revelation for me.

In that year everything changed.

Mastering Online Dating

For the first time, I was able to meet women I was attracted to.

All from the comfort of my own home.

  • I realized that all those years ago the problem was never my weight, height, or acne.  

My problem was my negative attitude and poor self-presentation.

I realized that I could build a profile on Tinder that projected what women are looking for:

  • Fun and excitement with a confident guy.

And that is totally separate from genetic “looks”.

Coming to Today

From those early lessons, I’ve decided to double down on my results.

I’ve started incorporating the same strategies I use in business:

Split testing, automation, and outsourcing.

I’ve learned that to get serious results on Tinder:

You just need to understand their algorithm… and then crush it.

I made Tinder 10X to show my tested methods to build a profile that women CAN'T ignore.

No matter what you look like.

And I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to do that.

There's no reason to suffer for over nearly 2 decades like I did.

Let me show you how to get results fast.

And how to be happy with yourself.

What Does Success Feel Like on Tinder?

Tired of logging in Tinder and seeing NO new matches?

    Sick of sending opening messages and getting no responses?

Travel to a new city and wish you had beautiful women lining up to meet you?

Feel frustrated that all women on Tinder are “bots and fake”?

Just think, how would YOU feel if your Tinder results were like ours, pictured here?

The feeling is amazing, and the crazy part? It’s WAY closer than you think.

Introducing... Tinder 10X

Tinder 10X is my comprehensive course that will bring you through taking photos for your online dating profile, writing a hilarious bio, and the secret hacks I use to stand out on Tinder.   

10X Your Photos on Tinder

Learn how to make your photos “jump off the screen” and get the attention of attractive women.

A Bio so Good… Women Message You First

Follow my formula to write a bio so good women actually message you first. I NEVER would have dreamed women would be reaching out to me like this...

Learn from REAL Examples

This “nice” photo of me scores higher on Photofeeler… but the “cringey” man bun photo does WAY, WAY better on Tinder! What’s going on here?

In Tinder 10X, you’ll learn why what works GREAT with your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram is not what works on Tinder. See REAL examples of counterintuitive photos… and learn from them!

Set up for Action

No one learns by watching. You learn by doing. That’s why Tinder 10X has challenges for you to complete in just 5 minutes or less. By following these easy challenges you'll get more matches. Simple as that.

Join the Conversation

Join our community of guys (On Facebook and/or Telegram) who want to perfect their Tinder profile. Post anytime you want and get real-time feedback on your newly perfected profile by other members.

Warning: She Will Message YOU First

No, she’s not a bot. She’s just that attracted to your Tinder 10X profile that she’s going to message you first.

Here’s the thing: a great Tinder profile doesn’t just get you more dates - it gets you more dates with a lot less work.   

10X Your Tinder Profile so She Messages YOU First

Who Tinder 10X isn’t for?

Tinder 10X isn't for you if...

  • You're happy getting few matches and few dates on Tinder.
  • You (wrongly)  think that only Bots are on Tinder.
  • You don't want instant results and more matches starting tonight.

Who Tinder 10X is for?

Tinder 10X is for you if...

  • You're excited to move beyond your boring profile that gets ignored by attractive women.
  • You're willing to follow (and implement!) my easy formula to select Tinder photos that women will LOVE.
  • You want to create a Tinder bio so good that women message you first.
  • You learn best from actual examples rather than just theory. 

"Tinder 10X is amazing. Ever since I've changed my Tinder around, I've literally had 10 matches in 5 days which is already 2x my matches per weeks. I predict that number to rise even more when I get some better photos based on the suggestions from the program."

- Arafat

10x Your Tinder Matches Today 

Get this limited time special offer of $69.97. 30-day money back guarantee.
Double your current matches or get your money back.

What's Inside Tinder 10X?

Mastering the Tinder Basics

Ever wonder why such a small fraction of guys get such huge results on Tinder no matter what they look like? In MODULE 01, you’ll find out this and more:

  • Do Looks Matter on Tinder?
  • Can I get Huge Results even if I’m short/overweight/etc (Hint: Yes.)
  • What are the Metrics for Success on Tinder?
  • Are there any “magic bullets” I can use to get more matches?

You’ll feel relieved immediately after watching because you’ll intuitively just “get it” when it comes to succeeding on Tinder.

Perfect Profile Photo

You cannot succeed on Tinder without an optimized profile photo. And after watching MODULE 02, you’ll know EXACTLY how.

Not only will you see examples of GOOD and (deceptively) BAD profile photos, you’ll also learn the secret to having a Profile Picture that women simply can’t pass up on.

Group + Body Shots

Guys have notoriously bad GROUP SHOTS and BODY SHOTS in their Tinder. It’s too easy to be lost in the crowd or come off as very try-hard.

After you watch MODULE 03 you won’t worry ever again - because you’ll avoid all of these common mistakes. In fact, you’ll exploit them to your advantage.

Unlocking Photos 4, 5, 6

Your profile is only as good as your worst photo.

For most guys, this means their profile gets wrecked by a dud photo 4, 5, or 6.  

Luckily, that won’t be you after MODULE 04 where you’ll shape your profile to project your real personality so that.

  • Women message YOU first.
  • Girls connect with you faster on dates.
  • You don’t have to waste your time with women who don’t like the real you. 

The Ultimate Bio

Finally, in MODULE 05, you’ll tackle the bio. You’ll laugh (like I do) at the idea of using boring, copy-pasted profiles.

You’ll deeply understand what makes a powerful bio - and you’ll know exactly how to write it.

Special Bonus Module

But that’s not all. As a gift for committing to Tinder 10X, you’ll get access to my exclusive BONUS MODULE where I cover:

  • Bonus #1 - How to send easily customize your opening line (even if the girl has a boring profile)... (custom lines have the highest response rate.)Girls connect with you faster on dates.
  • Bonus #2 -Make Tinder work for you by exploiting its algorithm. In this module, you’ll learn how to do that...
  • Bonus #3 - Learn all my tips and tricks on maximizing your Tinder photo with Adobe Lightroom.

10x Your Tinder Matches Today 

Get this limited time special offer of $69.97. 30-day money back guarantee.
Double your current matches or get your money back.

Access on Zirby's Membership Site

Tinder 10X lives on our membership site. You'll get a unique login to access all of your materials once you purchase your course.

For as long as I continue to sell Tinder 10X, you’ll continue to have access to it!

Get Feedback on Your Profile In Our Private Group

There are few things more valuable than having a community where you can get support while you work through your Tinder profile.

That's what The Own Your Online Dating community is for!     Access either our Facebook private group or our private Telegram group.

Either way, utilize our massive community of thousands of guys and fellow Tinder 10X students to get help when you need it!

Hey, I'm Marc

When you picture a guy in the top 99% of Tinder… I bet you don’t think of an overweight, balding, 5’6 guy living in Suburban New Jersey.

And yet, here I am. Because unlike guys who were handed the genetic lottery… I’ve had to figure out how to make Tinder work for me, rather than against me.

After years of testing, developing techniques, and frankly breaking the Tinder algorithm… I’ve learned how to consistently meet girls way out of my league on Tinder.

Today Zirby has over 2 million readers a year who have gotten more matches, numbers, dates with their Online Dating.

After reviewing thousands of Tinder profiles, I noticed guys were making fatal mistakes with their Tinder profiles.

The worst part was most guys thought the reason they weren’t getting matches is because of their looks... So wrong!

Was it possible to create a concise, final guide to making the perfect Tinder profile

  • One that was both ruthlessly effective, but easy to understand
  • One that any guy could follow and double their matches?

Well… welcome to Tinder 10X.

What do others say about Tinder 10X?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Tinder 10X isn’t a forgotten-about product. As Tinder changes, I come back into 10X and add and change the content.

No. Tinder 10x is only a one-time payment. You'll only be charged once when you buy Tinder 10x.

Tinder 10X isn’t for everyone, and by law, we can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results as us and all of our other successful students. This is because there are a lot of factors at play. We’re not satisfied with this answer though, so instead: if you don't get double your current matches we have a NO-BS money back 30-day guarantee.

Only under one condition: you pay with Crypto. To do that, just contact me at marc@zirby.co and we’ll work out a crypto discount of 25% off! This discount only applies to Crypto!

Once you buy Tinder 10X you’ll be able to revisit it as needed. So long as I continue supporting/selling 10X, you’ll continue to have access to it. The crazy thing about life is as time goes on, you change. Your Tinder profile is going to need to change with you. Tinder 10X will be here waiting for you when you need to refresh things.

If you're still on the fence, purchase now for only $69.97. Because this is a One-Time-Offer, the full price will go back up to $99.97. And there's a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

While Tinder 10X focuses on Tinder, the same principles you learn can be applied to other dating apps like OKCupid, Plenty of Fish or my favorite app Coffee Meets Bagel.

No problem. Drop us a line at marc@zirby.co - Typically I respond the same day or even faster.

10x Your Tinder Matches Today 

Get this limited time special offer of $69.97. 30-day money back guarantee.
Double your current matches or get your money back.